About Us

About Us

About Us

Trent Oaks Patterson offers families, individuals and institutional investors an innovative approach to wealth management.

At Trent Oaks Patterson, our focus is to critically re-evaluate established beliefs, attitudes, concepts, and practices and assess their contemporary applications. The investment landscape is changing fast, technology improves in leaps and bounds and new markets continue to develop, so what is important to us is that we constantly seek and develop the most advantageous and practical strategies.

With more than a century of combined experience and our strategic positioning in Guangzhou, we explore the world, identifying and seizing upon opportunities in Asia, Europe and North America.

We work solely for the benefit of our clients and provide them with a clear strategy of how best to manage their money, offering services and solutions that will help them create a better financial future.

Our focus

We are impassioned about our work and exceptionally focused on achieving optimal outcomes. To get there, we do our utmost to out-innovate and out-perform competitors and find the best balance between risk and reward across all investment classes on behalf of our clients.


As a private company with fiduciary responsibility for our clients, we gear our efforts towards long-term sustainability. We strive to be responsible in our corporate dealings and incorporate environmental, social and other issues that have tangible and measurable financial impacts over the long-term for our company and the companies in which we invest. We integrate long-term responsibility and sustainability into our business model and in the way we conduct ourselves, our business, serve our clients, staff and involve ourselves into the communities in which we live and do business.